Dance Competition Specialty Team
Our Dance Competition Specialists
Competition System to meet the
demands of a full competition schedule.

As the exclusive provider of music and
audio system to the Spirit of Dance
Awards for 8 years we have tested and
proven several methods of keeping the
competition running smoothly.  
- Redundant Computer Playback and Music File Catalog.

- All music is loaded and level checked on the system for clean playback with no skipping or
sudden delays due to unplayable CD's.

- Studios have the Option of Digital Files on a Thumb Drive

- A complete set of Spares, most in Hot-Standby mode for quick recovery.

- Dual Professional Grade Wireless Microphones.

- Secure Network for Operational as well as music playback.

- Staff Communications Systems.

- Backup Playback direct from CD or even a dancer's iPod or MP3 player is all Standard.

- Levels stay constant. Every Entry is at the same level.

- Professional grade speaker, monitor, amplifier and Equalization systems ensure the best
possible quality sound.

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