Why would you want to do a Live Demo ?
DEMO LIVE and show those potential opportunities your best stuff and the crowd reactions. !
You get a clean quality demo in the setting that best shows what you really sound like. LIVE!
What's it worth to pave your road to the next level ?  Make a Demo worth making !

Studio demos can be stiff, over processed and boring. A LIVE demo shows the full power and
energy your band puts on the stage. Show your true professional image by showing you can
keep it tight in a LIVE gig where the pressure is on and the critics are right in the first row.
(The paying customers).
What is involved in making a Live Demo ?
We arrive at a gig with our multi-track recording system, connect up to your gear,
add Mics and isolated direct connections as needed.

We then Record the entire performance up to 24 tracks Live during your gig.

All the material goes back to our production facility and we produce a rough mix of the gig for
song selection purposes. (This is where you listen and say, Did we nail this one ?)

Then after we trim down the songs that just didn't cut it, or 'cover' songs that you don't have
the rights for. (Covers would need a full in-writing license)

We take 3 or 4 of the best ones, trim them up, clean up the little things,  mix them down, Run
them through Mastering for best possible sound them and place on a Master CD.
Live Recording Packages - Live Demo or Album
Live Recording