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Going Wireless ??
Recently we got a call from a church whom had "Saved alot of money" by purchasing a multi-microphone wireless set.
But they were having trouble getting 2 of the 4 units to work. The Reason ?  well in one case they were 1/4 mile away  
from a 50Kw Television transmitter on the same frequency, and a second one about 4 miles away at 915Kw (thats
a ton of power) rendering the mics useless.  We did a background database search and some research from our in
the field measurements in the area and suggested a different set, but when they returned to the retailer to exchange for   a
different model none of that series could be found in the Boston area.  "Bargain" microphones produce muddy sound  and cant
be used in all places. Most are fixed frequency also which means no getting away from interference.

There is even one "Major Brand" we found that if you order the wrong band cant escape the high powered transmitters in the
Boston Market and that same mic would work in Providence but not it's counterpart.

Do you know the difference ? Perhaps before you make that leap into wireless you bring us in on the project, with 26 years in
Wireless Telecommunications and radio experience, the mysteries of Intermodulation, mixed frequency bands and local
interference become easy to avoid.

We Specialize in complex multi-frequency and system assignments, and can clear up existing issues as well as avoid future