System Installations
Vineyard Community Church, Kingston, Massachusetts
configuration resulted in dead spots in the
room and lack of high frequency and
definition for most members sitting on the
side rows. Line-of-sight is blocked to one
third of the congregation looking at VGA
projector (1) projecting on left side of Cross
Speakers replaced with JBL cabinets placed
on side walls and in ceiling center cluster to
remove them completely from line-of-sight.
Dead spots eliminated in the room and high
frequency evenly disbursed throughout the
Mackie TT24 Digital Mixer, Other
accesories are organized in custom by
our custom finish carpenter by our
custom finish carpenter specificaly for
this purpose.
Feature on new console - Drop down
wire trough allows for easier access to
all connections on mixer.  Snake,
sub-snakes, and other patches are
down out of the way of remaining jacks
Custom Console: 8 space upper rack,
14 space lower rack - The Lower rack
has the option of being remounted out
to the edge of the counter as a stand
alone unit attached to the frame.
New Amp Rack - Crown Amps
XLS 602 Amp on mains,
Crown XLS 402 Amp on
Subs, 2 XLS202 Amps on
Monitors for total of 4
monitor mixes
Old System
24 Inputs Channels
2 compressors on patch cords
2 compressors on output
Single Reverb Unit
Basic Crossover
No Equalization on output
Single Monitor Mix
Benefits to this upgrade

Clear Line Audio Upgrade
24 Analog Inputs, 8 Line Inputs, expandable to 24 more digital
48 inputs with individual compressor/gate and parametric EQ
DBX Driverack Output Compressor / Limiter available
4 Programmable Effects on each channel available
DBX Driverack Crossover programmed specificaly for speakers
DBX Driverack Full Auto Equalization using Real Time Analyser Mic
4 Monitor Mixes, 2 Aux Mixes for Recording, 1 Aux for
Assisted                    Listening, Aux output for video monitors in
nursery and family                   room.
Original System
Upgraded System
Center speakers mounted in a frame
with MDF housing custom fit to conceal
the cluster and blend in with the celing
Top of rack lifts off for access to
connections and easy servicing.
Our complete approach to sound upgrades and installs in churches
auditoriums, and concert halls starts with a full interview of users and an
evaluation of why system changes are needed. Not just a punch list of
confusing gear.
Speaker cluster shown here during a
test lift without covering is designed with
winch in ceiling to lift and lower
speakers. Not shown, 8 treaded rod
mounts go through the ceiling and into
VGA Projector upgrade included
ceiling installation of a duplicate
projector, VGA and composite Video
distribution. Projectors were then
integrated into a new computer system.
for a free evaluation appointment contact us
Camera Mounted and set up
for Full Video and Audio
Monitoring of service on a
distributed network for
Family Room and Nursery
each side for a true even
edge-to-edge  clean sound and a true
stereo image heard at every seat in
the house
Center Speaker Cluster concealed in a
Custom Cabinet - Shown during
one of 4 monitor mixes from any
location. in addition electricians
installed power boxes (Brass) at each
Clients Include:
Vineyard Community Church, Kingston, MA and Hyannis, MA
St Paul AME Church, Cambridge, MA
St Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church, Harlem, New York.
Lutheran Church of the Saviour Bedford, MA
Brockton Assembly of God, Brockton, MA
Living Hope Assembly of God, Pawtucket, RI
Bethel Church of the Nazarene, Quincy, MA
St Anthony's Church Taunton, MA
Annunciation of the Lord Parish, Taunton, MA
First Congregational Church in Bristol, RI
First Church of Sandwich, MA